Conveyancing in Coffs Harbour 

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Help every step of the way

Buying property on one’s own is possible but not recommended due to the complexities involved. Make sure you abide all state and council law processes with professional, trustworthy legal counsel. From searches to legal advice, Walsh & Associates will properly handle your conveyance process.

Over 25 years of experience with conveyancing

Focus down to the smallest details

The minutiae of conveyancing is a journey one should not take on one’s own. We ensure due diligence is carried out in the submission of queries in property transactions, known as searches, to reveal any restrictions on the property or potential liabilities. 

Additionally, we ensure that all pre-arranged contractual agreements are met, fees and charges are paid and all necessary legal documents are prepared. Searches and conveyance requirements vary from location to location, so make sure you’re covered with the quality legal counsel of Walsh & Associates.


Enjoy your new property

Conveyancing can be a tricky, difficult process. Having an expert handle the process alleviates needless stress and risk. We’ll keep you informed on every step of the process so you can be at ease from the beginning to the end. Give us a call for a free consultation to get started.

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